Steal that style: Barbara Feltus and Arne Quinze


Barbara Feltus became famous when she began dating Boris Becker. Harlan took the picture of a nude Boris and Barbara for the cover of Stern. They married a month before their son, Noah, was born on 18 January 1994. Their second child, Elias Balthasar, was on born 4 September 1999.


In late 1999, after being contacted by a woman claiming to be pregnant with Becker’s child, Barbara took Noah and Elias to Miami, Florida, side-stepping her prenuptial agreement, and setting up an international custody battle. The hearings were broadcast live back to Germany. A Munich court granted Becker a divorce in January 2001.


On 6 January 2009, Barbara and artist Arne Quinze announced their engagement. They married on 9 September 2009 at their home in Miami, Florida. They are set to have a second wedding on 13 September 2009 in Berlin, Germany.