Popular Diamond Cuts and Their Meanings


Whether you shop at an online retailer, like bluenwhitediamonds.com , or in a store princess, round, cushion and pear are popular cuts of diamonds and gemstones, but what does each represent?

A pear-shaped diamond closely resembles a teardrop, but has the attractiveness of a round jewel.  Adding a more modern look, the pear-shaped diamond can help make a wide finger appear slimmer.  This cut is thought to symbolize even-temperedness and adaptability.

The oval cut is a classic style that has been popular since the early 1960’s.  Unique, but brilliant, the oval diamond is a round cut that lends to the timeless popularity of a gorgeous diamond.  The oval cut is thought to represent an individual who takes risks and is creative.

Dating back to the late 1800’s, the Asscher is square with angled corners.  The facets of the diamond or gemstone are rectangular, making it appear as if they descend into the stone, which is also known as a step-cut.  The Asscher represents a feminine individual who possesses a meticulous nature.

Reflecting more light that any other cut, the round cut is the most popular.  Also referred to as brilliant cut, the traditional round cut represents an individual who is trustworthy and easy going.

Similar to the Asscher, the emerald is also a rectangle, step-cut shape.  Typically, an emerald-cut has fewer facets that most other shapes, which provides maximum brilliance in gems.  The emerald cut is said to represent someone who is efficient and straightforward.

The cushion-cut because popular in the 18th century and is rectangular in shape and possesses curved sides.  Recently becoming a popular choice for engagement rings, the cushion-cut provides the perfect balance of vintage and modern aspects to create a beautiful stone.  The cushion-cut is said to symbolize organization and bravery.

The princess cut is square shaped stone that provides optimal brilliance through extra faceting around the rim.  Relatively new, but gaining popularity, the princess cut provides a modern feel that represents a fun-loving, decisive individual.

The radiant-cut was created to combine the most beautiful qualities of the round brilliant and emerald cut stones.  The shape shares the similar outer lines of the emerald cut, but also offers the faceting of the round cut.  Those who wear a radiant cut stone are thought to be trend setters and fashionable.

The marquise is popular because its oval shape with pointed tips helps to make the hand seem longer and slimmer, as well as the diamond larger than it really is.  This particular cut represents individuals who are unique and adventurous.

Finally, the heart shaped stone represents love and devotion, providing optimal brilliance.  A heart shaped stone symbolizes sentiment.