Best Engagement Ring Styles and Settings for Brides-To-Be

The pursuit for engagement ring is often fueled by the desire to grab the “best” piece out there. But there isn’t any specific best engagement ring style that would appeal to everyone and in the end everything boils down to the personal preferences and choices of people. However, to assist our readers who are about to make proposal of marriage, we come with various engagement ring styles that are timeless and might make a perfect match to your style.


In a general observation, to buy an engagement ring online tend to have an upper hand instead of making a purchase from a local jeweler. The reason being, the online jewelry vendors tend to have a plethora of engagement ring styles which facilitates to make a comparison so that you don’t have to settle for any ring which you might regret later. The perks of making an online purchase is the outstanding value for money, quality assurance and customer-centric services.


Before diving deeper into our discussion for the best engagement ring styles, let us lay a road map of what all ring designs and settings which are usually adored by countless brides across the globe.


  1. Solitaire Engagement Rings
  2. Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings
  3. Halo Engagement Rings
  4. Side Stone Engagement Rings
  5. Three Stone Engagement Rings
  6. Bezel Engagement Rings
  7. Bridal Engagement Ring Set


Solitaire Engagement Rings

Our love for solitaire engagement rings is owed to the timeless beauty of the rings which never goes out of style. The simplicity of such rings comes with a single gemstone which elegantly mounts the engagement ring. Although, diamond solitaire rings don’t offer pavé set or channel set gemstones yet the unique diamond shapes and solitaire settings like prong setting, peg head setting and claw setting are something to look for in search of the best engagement ring for your beloved.


Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

By definition, vintage engagement rings take inspiration from the popular ring styles from the bygone decades or even centuries. The extraordinary engagement rings boast of leaf motifs, milgrain and bead detailing along with fancy cut diamonds that will draw special attention. Combining out-of-the-box gemstone settings with yellow gold for a classy vintage appearance is something to look for.


Halo Engagement Rings

The halo setting in engagement rings is quite alluring to the eyes caused by the illusion of the tiny pavé set diamonds surrounding the center gemstone. The diamond halo gives an impression of increased gemstone size. The enticing halo engagement rings are one of the best engagement ring styles to go ahead with the proposal. Besides, the mesmerizing halo, the center diamond or gemstone should be carefully examined for its shape, quality and the setting used to mount it.


Side Stone Engagement Rings

In your search for engagement rings online, you will also stumble upon the side stone engagement ring style which is part modern and part classic. The side stones are studded in an attempt to enhance the beauty or compliment the center diamond. However, different types of side stone settings or accents further give rise to heart-warming floral rings and engagement rings with accents.


Three Stone Engagement Rings

The three stone rings are perhaps the best engagement rings that can be associated with different meanings among the couple who intend to take their relationship towards commitment. This non-traditional ring style is often chosen to make represent the past, present and future. Alternatively, they are also a symbolism of love, friendship and fidelity in a relationship. Thus, we advise readers to consider buying this engagement ring online for a distinct appearance.

Bezel Engagement Rings

The engagement rings that uses a bezel setting to mount the center diamond or gemstone. This particular setting offers extra protection to the gemstone as well as a vintage appearance. Besides the bezel setting, half-bezel set engagement rings showcase the brilliance or the fire of the diamond. This unique selection of engagement rings for women can be a spectacular choice while surfing the web to buy engagement rings online.


Bridal Engagement Ring Set

Our last suggestion to the readers while buying engagement rings for their would-be-wife come in the form of bridal engagement ring sets. For those couple who are looking forward to get married within few months of getting engagement, the best and economical choice would be to grab an engagement and wedding ring set. It will not only help you cut the cost but also save time and efforts while buying engagement rings online.



With our detailed discussion to help the readers to grab the best engagement ring online, we have suggested some of the popular ring styles which are often exchanged as token of love. Although, the final choice is subjective to the personal preferences and the budget of the buyer, yet one can grasp the essence of the article to understand the trending engagement ring designs which are adored by the women all around the globe.

Let Your Ring Be The Spark That Ignites Your Wedding Plans

lvs659_three_qtr_1Every bride deserves a wedding experience that is custom tailored to her personal style and flair. Every part of your wedding should celebrate you and the love you’ve found. One of this season’s hottest trends is coordinating components of your wedding with your ring. This is a super fun way to draw attention to your bling and create coherence and totally chic!

The wedding ring is a classic token of your love. When people see your left hand, they immediately know your heart has been captured. Your ring should highlight specific attributes of your relationship and showcase your personality. Uneek Jewelry and Barclays Jewelry are two brilliant designers who offer pieces that are unique and make a statement.

If you are a fun loving lady who enjoys the lavish things in life, Uneek Jewelry’s pink diamond engagement rings were made for you! Pink diamonds are rare and bring an updated twist to a classic style engagement ring, resulting in an ultra-glamorous and feminine piece.

For the traditional bride, Barclay carries Verragio engagement rings. Verragio rings are famous for their timeless look, showcasing brilliant white diamonds in intricate detailing. If you love vintage style rings and the luxury of modern design, you’ll be stunned by Barclay’s Verragio engagement rings.

Once you have selected your wedding ring, planning your big day will come naturally. If you chose a colored stone, try coordinating your bouquets and bridesmaid dresses to really make it pop. Your pink diamond will sparkle brilliantly when paired with a bouquet that boasts similar hues.

If a vintage style ring adorns your left hand, adding some sparkle into your decor will create a dazzling effect. You’ll be amazed at the way a glamorous touch will transform your ceremony or reception space. Twinkling lights and an ornate gown tie together beautifully, making your ring look all the more beautiful.

Planning your wedding decoration and wardrobe around your engagement ring is a great way to make your big day ascetically pleasing and  elegant. Find an engagement piece that reflects your individual style and start dreaming up ways to incorporate your unrivaled taste into your fairytale wedding day.

A Timeless Engagement Ring For A Timeless Love Affair

l2081“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.” — Romeo and Juliet

Classic love stories like Romeo and Juliet make us weak in the knees. The young couple had a tragic love affair, but it was passionate and proved lasting despite the circumstances. There is nothing more important than finding someone who will captivate your heart forever. Once you’ve found a bond that will last a lifetime, you should celebrate it with a brilliant engagement ring.

Antique engagement rings are absolutely dreamy. The vintage style is timeless, making these rings the perfect reflection of a lifelong love. Engagement Couture offers a wide selection of brilliant, antique engagement rings that are sure to floor any lover of old world romance. If your love is one for the storybooks, an antique engagement ring is the perfect choice for you!

For a ring to qualify as an antique, it must have originated between the 1830‘s-1950‘s. During these years, there were five specific periods that each yielded unique and fresh designs. Intricate detailing, high profile bling and intriguing shapes are just a few defining elements seen in jewelry during these years. Antique jewelry pieces make it easy to find a ring that perfectly suits your personal style.

Choosing an engagement ring is a big decision, because you will wear it for the rest of your life. This is one of the reasons why it is crucial to select a piece that is an extension of your personality. You want people to look at your engagement ring and gain insight into your character. An antique engagement piece is the perfect way to make a statement and showcase your style.

Engagement Couture’s antique pieces are one of a kind and simply stunning to behold. The dramatic settings are unlike any other jewelry pieces, with mesmerizing detailing and sparkling stones. Lacey patterns add an ultra-feminine quality to these vintage style rings that is sure to make any bride to be feel like a princess. If lavish jewelry is not for you, Engagement couture also offers vintage style rings with subtle elegance. These classic designs have a formal look that is perfect for every occasion.

The wide variety of vintage styled jewelry provides every woman with a look that flawlessly represents her distinctive style. An antique engagement ring will be loved for a lifetime, and is destined to become a highly valued family heirloom that will forever tell of the love you shared.

Great Anniversary Presents

majestic2_31Are you headed towards your 1st, 10th, or 50th anniversary? If so, you are probably fretting about getting an anniversary present that actually fits the special occasion. After all, you got her the ring, so it’s hard to top the gift of an engagement ring or a wedding ring. Here are some great anniversary present ideas that will warm her heart.

A Trip To An Exotic Location

Is your wife the kind of woman who has always dreamed about going to Tibet, Fiji, or Japan? If so, consider booking a trip for both of you to an exotic location. It’s a great way to see the world, get educated about the way that other people live, and also relax. Visiting an exotic location is a great way to experience new things, relax, and create memories that will last a lifetime. If you must, bring the kids along. Just make sure that you have a separate room from them when you go.

Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Making a woman feel like a princess is easy if you take her out to ballroom dancing lessons. Buy her a fancy ballroom dance dress, dance-ready shoes, and book a couple of lessons. Few lessons can be as traditionally romantic as ballroom dancing, and even fewer can have women feeling like Kate Middleton. The choice dance of royalty is a great way to add a certain level of class and luxury to everyday life.

Roses, Chocolates, and A New Pair Of Earrings

If you want to go with traditionally romantic gifts given to a lady on her wedding anniversary, go for the traditional roses, chocolates, and a new gift of jewelry. Since she already has a diamond ring on her finger, giving your wife a pair of elegant diamond earrings, or a new diamond necklace is the best way to make sure that she feels like a queen on the day of your anniversary.

Take Her Back To Her Youthful Days

Was your wife a bit of a wild child when you first met? If she was, chances are that she misses her wild ways now that she is married. Giving her the chance to relive those days with you will make her feel young again, so by all means, do your best to make it happen. Get on the VIP list for a club, take a limo ride to the club, and invite all of your close coupled friends for a night on the town. End it with a romantic night on the beach playing volleyball, and you will have a night that will make her feel 18 again.

A Trip To Her Favorite Upscale Restaurant

Most couples have a special restaurant that has a lot of meaning to them as a couple. When your anniversary rolls around. Make an effort to book reservations at that restaurant. Make sure that your wife knows that money is not an issue, and let her try out the house wines as the two of you dine to your hearts’ content.
Don’t fret about what to get her for her anniversary too much. As long as an anniversary gift is from the heart, it will have a lot of meaning. The truth is that for most women, remembering the anniversary and celebrating it is enough of a gift.