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    3 Tips to change your Wedding Gown by Yourself

    Your wedding gown is supposed to be the most exquisite gown you will ever wear so that means you have the opportunity to make a statement. Either you purchase it as is or embellish it yourself here are a few ideas to make your wedding gown perfect.

    We’ve partnered with Tissura, the leading online fabric store, to created this useful tips that will get your wedding gown from ordinary to outstanding.

    1.Add a bit of sparkle

    Have a belt heavily embellished with white and pearl beads, rhinestones and bugles to cinch your waist and draw the eye to your most flattering angle. It is the perfect way to add more sparkle without entirely changing your gown.


    2. Get the feather trim

    Have you chosen a mermaid that would need a bit more vavavoom? Then add a special feather trim that will elevate your look and create one of the trendiest gowns of the season. And if you have a clip on trim you can simply remove it after a while. This delicate trim consists of soft white feathers attached to a piece of sheer tulle. The middle part is encrusted with fancy shaped rhinestones, arranged in a flower pattern.

    3. Make a ribbon

    Either for a mermaid or a princess gown a ribbon will always make you look a million dollars. This ecru ribbon is woven from silk and cotton fibers in a satin and grosgrain design. Smart and elegant, it boasts a bit of texture lacking in plain satin ribbons.

    These are just a few tips on how to add more wow factor to your wedding gown with just a few touches. All the fabrics are available on Tissura.com.

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    How to Incorporate Feathers into Your Wedding Gown?

    Luisa Sposa
    Luisa Sposa

    Calling to mind glamorous designs of the past, many gowns flaunted feathers as the embellishment du jour this season. From full-on feather skirts to a touch of them at the waist, this is one unique detail that adds whimsy to any bridal look.


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