FashionBride Interview with Galit Levi

Luxury, creativity and incredible sense of style … these are the first three (ok, seven) words that come in mind when thinking of Galit Levi. Her collection presently impressed me, and so I’ve decided to ask some questions . The hardest part was to decide upon the questions, cause Galit constantly gives us reasons to wonder how she can create such wonderful designs. PS. I’d even say she manages to create lucky gowns, cause in one of her dress Dana International managed to get the Eurovision trophy … imagine what a wedding gown signed by her might get you …

Tell us why did you become a fashion designer?Since I was a young girl I enjoyed looking for special fabrics and create clothes for me and my friends. I loved the opportunity to wear my original designs. My girlfriends complimented me on the clothes and wanted to wear my special designs, so I decided to become a fashion designer. During my military service I took fashion design courses In order to become a professional fashion designer. 

Galit Levi


And why the interest for the bridal industry?

I got exposed to the bridal industry when I was planning my own wedding.

I was looking for a unique design for my wedding dress but the designs at that time were more conventional, so I decided to design my own wedding dress. I used pink lace with gold threading for my dress and it had an extraordinary look. At my wedding I got many compliments on my dress and within two months of my wedding day, I had dozens of orders for bridal dresses, so I decided to establish my own bridal couture business in Tel Aviv.

Today, I have a show room in New York and a store in L.A for bridal and evening wear. On October this year (2008.) I’ll open another store at the “Manhattan Plaza”. 

Talk us through the process of making a gown.

When I begin to create my seasonal collection I think about a concept and a meaning for the collection. I get inspired from people I meet, places I travel, special fabrics that I import from Paris and Milan, and even from my dreams. After I choose the concept I start playing with the fabrics until the image of the gown is created in my head, and then I sketch the design. The design is passing over to sewing and cutting department, and with the help of my expert seamstresses, weaving and twining artists, the gown is being created for fitting.

After several fittings, the gown is ready to wear.

Do you have a favorite gown? One that you’ve created and have a special meaning.

I will always cherish my first wedding gown that I created. That was, like I mentioned before, my own wedding gown which lead me to open my business and be a part of the fashion industry. This dress actually made my dream of becoming a fashion designer come true. 

How do you see a perfect bride? What should she wear?

My perfect bride is wearing one of my designs that fit her body curves. If she feels comfortable in the dress, then she will have a natural glamour. I tend to like the royalty look and believe every bride is a princess on her wedding day, so she should dress like one with a white gown made of delicate lace with swarovsky crystals in a mermaid shape. 

Do you prefer a more conventional style or go for the avant-guard?

I like the glamorous look like we see on fashion productions, catwalks and style magazines. My designs are well known as avant-guard and unique followed by an exquisite handcraft and elite couture, so even when I design a classic collection I add good stones, pearls and anything that can create an exclusive look. 

What about white, should a bride consider having a different color for her dress rather than the old fashion white?

Of course she can. I got married in a pink lace gown, so I recommend to each one of my bride costumers to follow their imagination and taste when it comes to choosing a color and design for the dress. But it’s also important to choose a color that goes well with the skin tone.

Although white is the common color for a bride gown, there are many brides who prefer cream or pearly color for their dress. I also had Several orders for pink, yellow, silver and gold gowns.

Tell us some more about your 2009 collection.

My new collection is based on the romantic decade. I combine between handmade delicate imported laces, beautiful pearls and sparkling swarovsky crystals, in order to create a total vintage look. The tone of the 2009 collection is based on champagne color scale.

What where your inspiration sources, what did you opt for as materials, shapes etc.

I get my inspiration from visiting fashion shows and design exhibitions all around the world. It doesn’t have to be an exhibition about fashion, I can look at a painting, a statue or an artistic photo and get inspired by the color or the shape of it and translate it to a gown. This season I prefer the traditional A shape rather than the exaggerated dresses with a “creamy” look. The classic shapes create a more elegant look closer to an evening gown, but yet glamourous. 

Last but not least, do you have an advice for FashionBride readers?

My advice for FashionBride readers is to clear enough time in advance in order to plan properly your wedding dress. When coming to choose the dress designer, make sure he or she is a professional at the bridal industry and familiar with different shapes of dresses. Also make sure to choose a design that helps emphasize your body assets while hiding the less flattering parts.

My last advice is try to enjoy the whole process and listen to the designer’s comments and suggestions because it’s our job to make you happy and look great in the wedding photos.