Steal that style: Jacquetta Wheeler and James Allsopp

jacquetta-wheeler-wedding (2)

Sometimes a princess appears where you least expect it! If we all dreamed of a vintage gown for Kate Middleton and were let down, Jacquetta Wheeler managed to prove that there is still an English Rose to look up to. Jacquetta married banker James Allsopp in a wedding that was nothing else than picture-perfect. “I feel like I’m in The Truman Show!” laughed hair maestro Ashley Javier, and he was not far from the truthy. The wedding was perfectly planned and proved that dreams can really come true.

Champagne, Moroccan mint tea, and cakes were served on the terraces. In the dinner marquee—a study in soft pink, hung with globes of pink gypsophila—tables were named for towns in Morocco, a perfect idea to incorporate a part of your family tradition in your wedding.