L’Wren Scott Spring Summer 09-10 Collection

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It’s a good thing the Internet didn’t exist in the decadent era from which Scott sourced the seed of her idea. She called the collection Madame du Barry after the famed mistress of Louis XV, who, Scott explained, was an early adopter of pink. It made for the stylist-cum-designer’s most colorful and light-spirited collection ever. As she evolved that rosy palette, the frivolity and frou of Versailles merged with her precise line.

Scott’s signature is a strict sheath dress, of which there was a chocolate-box assortment of beauties here. Still, it was refreshing to see the lightness of a chiffon polka-dot blouse spilling from a nipped fuchsia jacket, or the swing of a tea dress. Tilted, wide-brimmed hats immediately gave you Bianca Getting Married (an irony probably not lost on Scott’s beau, Mick Jagger, sitting front and center), and the coolly androgynous glam-rock suit silhouettes set the early-seventies thought in place.