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Steal that style: Jamelia

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British R&B singer Jamelia married on June 14, 2008 with her love, soccer star Darren Byfield. Her diaphanous veil cascading down from her upswept hair, the bride was a regal sight to behold in her lace-accented wedding dress, its trumpet skirt flaring as she walked down a white aisle runner which stretched across the immaculately manicured lawn of the Eastlands Estate in West Sussex.

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Steal that style: Pre- Oscar 2009 looks

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Just days/hours before the Oscar 2009, stars start looking better and better. My faves? Halle Berry, Sienna Miller and Dita von Teese. But I must admit that Eva and Lucy look equally stunning. You go girls!

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Ilenia Sweet 2009 Bridal Collection

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Underneat it all: D&G

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Bellantuono 2009 Bridal Collection

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Glamorous Atmospheres in perfect Hollywood ’50s style.

Bellantuono‘s bride is inspired by the three protagonists of the american comedy “How to Marry a Millionaire”.
Elegant and sophisticated dresses inspired by the refinement of Schatze (Lauren Bacall).

Flowing and clinging lines inspired by the subject of the sexy Pola (Marylin Monroe). Romanticism for the dresses represented by the exuberant Loco (Betty Grable). Three of Bellantuono’ s dresses open the fashion show by Grimaldi and Giardina, as a result of the new collaboration with the stylistic pair, already known in the Italian and Parisian fashion scene.

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Le Spose di Mariella Burani 2009

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Alvina Valenta 2009 Spring Collection

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