Manuel Mota 2010 Preview Collection

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9 thoughts on “Manuel Mota 2010 Preview Collection

  1. I in interested in purchasing Manuel Mota Odin. Does anyone know where I can buy and the price? I am in New York City and their telephone number on website seems like a voice mail box. I left messages but didn’t get a return call yet.
    If this particular style Odin is something very hard to get, does anyone have any idea where they have similar style?
    My wedding is in Apr ’10.

    Thank you!!! I would really appreciate if anybody can answer my question.

  2. Hello Kate, I´m interested in the same dress. I live in Spain, so I will get the information.

  3. I am also interested in the same dress and I live in Austria. There is very a similar one by Pronovias ‘Magia’ which costs 1,070 Euros which is approx. 1,560 $.

  4. I am also interested but like in Manchester, UK. Does anyone have any up to date info?

  5. Just called a bridal salon in town. Manuel Mota’s ‘Odin’ costs in Vienna (Austria) 1,400 Euros = approx. US$ 2,035.

  6. Hi guys,
    I already bought the Odin dress from this boutique in New York. I bought it in the beginning of August ’09 but I will be getting it in December ’09.

  7. hello girls!!!
    i live in Greece and I am interested in Manuel Mota collection and specifically for the Onil dress. Can you help me by telling me the price?thank you very much!

  8. I got married in the Odin in October 09 – im now selling it to keep that magic alive – what an amazing dress.

    size 12
    im 5.7 wore 1 inch heels
    ebay item 130357949953
    £850 or best offer

    contact me with questions

  9. would anyone know of a size 6 or 8 in this dress???? I can not find anything like it!!

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