Rosa Clara 2010 Bridal Collection

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The Rosa Clará Group, created in Barcelona in 1995, now has 50 shops in Spain, 2 in Portugal and another 3 in  Mexico. The company also has more than 1000 points of sale all over the world, through multibrand shops in countries such as Italy, Holland, Germany, the United States or Japan. The company’s ambitious expansion project is being consolidated in America with the creation of a subsidiary in the USA, more specifically in Jersey City (New Jersey).

The company’s growth has been spectacular since it opened its first shop in Barcelona, and seeks consolidation on the international market through further own shops and franchises in the coming 5 years. The first short-term objective is the opening of a first shop in Paris and the opening of 3 new shops in Central and South America.

Rosa Clará is characterised by the innovation and quality of the fabrics used in her collections, bringing the concept of fashion to the bridal world and for pioneering the formula of the tandem with a fashion designer. Apart from the designer’s collection and the new line Two by Rosa Clará, the company produces and distributes the bridal collections of prestigious national and international designers, such as Jesús del Pozo or Christian Lacroix. The latest addition to the Group is the renowned creator Karl Lagerfeld.

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  1. How does one get hold of the shop in Paris. The mobile telephone is permanently on Voice Mail. I left a message and noone comes back to me…

    1. Try an e-mail to their shop in spain :). I always received answers from there. Ask them about a contact in Paris and I’m sure they’ll get back to you.

  2. hi
    i really like ur dresses specially “SERENA” dress
    would u plz tell me if u have section in usa , charlotte

    thanx alot


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