Top 5 Misconceptions about Diamond Engagement Rings

It seems like there are endless facts out there when you start researching engagement rings. From the 4C’s of diamond buying to the number of months salary you should spend on a ring, the ‘experts’ are always telling you how, and what, to buy. But what about the many wrong ideas buyers encounter as they search for the ideal proposal jewel? It’s time to take a look at the top five misconceptions about diamond engagement rings.

1.  Only Size Matters

Let’s face it: If she only cares about the size of the rock, she’s probably not the right girl. But all kidding aside, most women aren’t looking for the largest ring out there; they’re looking for the ring that fits their style and personality. Women are educated about diamond color and clarity, and they too want to own a diamond that will hold its value–not a stone that is big but low in quality. Instead of going overboard in size, take the time to explore what kind of cut she likes and then go for the best quality that your budget allows. 

2.  Same is Better 

While women sometimes envy a handbag or pair of shoes that a friend owns, they usually are not interested in having the exact same engagement ring as a friend or relative. Today, women truly value a special piece of jewelry that speaks to their husband’s ability to seek out the unique. The best tactic is to take the characteristics of another ring she likes, but then put a spin on it. For example, if she loves her cousin’s white gold, three-stone diamond engagement ring with a princess cut diamond, look for something in a similar style but with a twist: like this Three Stone ring made for a round center stone. 


3.  Matching bands are necessary 

For a while, every single bridal designer was marketing a matching band with each engagement ring offered. While it might make the process easier for some brides and grooms, this notion of ‘matching sets’ has become a bit outdated. As engagement rings have become more unusual and less status quo, bands too have taken a turn for the unique. Women today are opting to stack simple bands as anniversary gifts, or to choose statement bands that they instead wear on their right hand. 

4.  White is Always Right 

Yes, it’s still true that white diamonds and white metal are the number one choice for engagement rings. But it’s also true that women are much more open-minded to seeing alternate materials and colors in that little box. Yellow gold and Rose gold are seeing a renaissance in engagement rings right now, and rose is an especially flattering metal on most any skin tone. Colored diamonds are also experiencing a surge in popularity, and are a fantastic choice for an unconventional bride. A deep orange-yellow diamond ring or a natural yellow diamond floral ring may be just the thing to make her say ‘yes’. 

5.  You need to be an expert 

Rest assured, you do not need to be a gemologist to choose the right diamond, nor a fashion expert to choose the right setting. Three simple steps can make the right choice a snap: First, do a bit of homework. Second, choose a reliable resource when shopping for diamond engagement rings. Third, make sure your stone is properly insured. 

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Misconceptions about Diamond Engagement Rings

  1. I haven’t done any research, but from what I’ve read and heard throughout the years is that slave labor produces diamonds and that engineered diamonds are high quality. Are these misconceptions?

  2. Great post. Most of the diamond hype is also due to none other than DeBeers – who created the 2 month salary guide, the “need” for a diamond engagement ring, and even started eternity bands because they needed to figure out how to get rid of smaller diamonds. They are truly marketing geniuses (yes we studied them in marketing as well).

    Diamonds are hard to trace even with the new tracking systems. Yes synthetic diamonds are up there in quality.

    Ultimately, try to be responsible of course but the choice is up to you (diamond, other gemstone). It’s your ring`

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