Lindsay Fleming 2010 Bridal Collection


The ‘Roaring Twenties’, the decade of the bath tub gin, the model T Ford, The Jazz Singer, and a celebration of life and youth after the dark war years. It was the age of the flapper, and the Charleston, the Bunny Hug and the Kickaboo, late night parties, and clubbing to the music of Jelly Roll Morton. Skirts shortened, breasts were flattened, and waistlines were slung on the hip. This was the decade of Art Deco and Cubism, and couture houses of the time livened up their designs by incorporating the art scene into their clothing.


This thrilling, care free period in history is the inspiration for our stunning Autumn 2009 collection of historical gowns, due to be premiered at the Scottish Wedding Show in September. Influenced by the creative genius’s of Coco Channel, Paul Poiret, and the surrealist inspired Elsa Schiaparelli, these gowns not only will transport you back to the days of Joan Crawford, Gloria Swanson and Clara Bow, but will bring out the hidden Greta Garbo in every girl.

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