FashionBride Interview with Elizabeth Johnston, Eventdecorator

Wouldn’t it be great to have a good time and really enjoy your wedding rather than trying to do everything right on your own? Well if that’s the plan than just relax and let Elizabeth Johnston, Creative Director at Eventdecorator, to design the perfect wedding for you.

We caught up with Elizabeth and found out more about her work, find all the details about her in the interview below but also on her website, includes great pictures of her creations.

1. When did you decided to become a designer and why did you find this domain interesting?

I launched in 1999 as a wedding junkie with an extensive business management background. I wanted to create a design company that was totally committed to the client’s vision. There was very few people in the design industry then and I wanted to offer design services that included clients North of Toronto. I had always had a love to design and worked on interior design as a side interest. It lead me to my passion of event design. I love creating the excitement of working with brides and grooms and the transformation that takes place in one day.

2. Talk us through the first years of you work. Maybe you could tell us what did change in time? Are your designs different from the very beginning?

The first years were tough getting people to understand custom design and the enormous benefits it provides. What did change was my ambition to become a floral designer and add custom floral design to our services. Design, floral and planning are a very large focus for the day. Having these services combined relieves allot of our brides stress. Our designs are a lot more structured and colorful now. I also more clean lined looks and much less elaborately draped fabrics. Our client’s also understand and personally know the members or our team who will execute the important details. The biggest change I have seen is the number of people involved in the wedding industry. It has gone for a small niche market to a booming industry!

3. Why should a bride-to-be choose you for her wedding?

We strive to provide exceptional, personalized customer service and designs that are unique and innovative.

We meet each client and personally design unique to their event.

We own a 5,500 square foot location and all of our services; décor, floral and planning are provide in-house.

We are committed to the client and producing WOW events!

All our recognition in magazines and industry awards are icing on the cake to us.

4. Do tell us a bit more about your inspiration sources.

I love, love earthy nature inspired design. I use natural elements in so many of my designs. Many of our clients are looking to get out of the city into a more natural setting. I also have a passion for modern design with strong colour elements. Black is my favourite colour. I personally follow many facets of design including interior design and fashion, from around the world and use this to keep us on the cutting edge. I also travel to a lot of industry seminars to keep me on the leading edge of new innovative ideas.

5. Have you got any wedding/event you’ve designed and that has a very special meaning for you?

One of the first weddings I designed after I opened the company was my own. Special ones also include my assistant Debbie and my current project, the design of my Lead Planner Jessica’s wedding in May 2012.

6. From your point of view, how should a perfect wedding be like?

A perfect wedding runs seamlessly. It is a reflection of the clients personality and style. The focus should be the Bride and Groom totally enjoying the people they love around them. Any small hiccups that occur are handled by the planner and design team “behind the scenes”.

7. And tell us what would you give her and, maybe, other brands can’t.

We offer décor, floral and planning services in-house. It is a very personalized service based on each individual client. Our team works full time in the profession and are highly trained. It is a peace of mind for brides to see our large floral and design studio. Having all of these services offered at a professional level, eliminates a lot of stress from their planning.

8. Last but not least, do you have any advice for FashionBride readers?

Enjoy the process, choose your vendors wisely and hire a month-of coordinator, their expertise is invaluable. Dream big!!

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