Inbal Dror 2012 Spring Summer Bridal Collection

Inbal Dror is an haute couture and wedding dress designer who’s studio is located in Ashdod, Israel. She puts together spectacular wedding and evening gowns, and takes orders for custom made ensembles that can be designed specifically to the needs of the person buying the dress. Her 2012 wedding couture collection has a Roman inspiration with gowns made of lavish tulle, lace, and fish tail hems.

13 thoughts on “Inbal Dror 2012 Spring Summer Bridal Collection

      1. two questions, 1) how did you contact her, as I have visited the website and it is all in either Hebrew or Arabic and 2) How do you know she is great to work with? Has she made a dress for you? I ask because I am desperate to have this one dress that she has designed. I will not settle for anything other than this dress, but I am having a very hard time trying to get it.

        Tracy V.


        1. 1. the contact is indeed in Hebrew but you can work with it 🙂 you can call her or try the messaging form – name,surname, email, your request and send.

          Inbal Dror
          25 Haorgim st.
          Ashdod, Israel
          Tel. +972.8.853.6666
          Tel. +972.8.852.3066

          2. never worked with here.



  1. Hi Ladies!
    As of December 2012 we are extremely happy to announce that our London store we will be the first UK stockist of Inbal Dror! If you are interested and would like to see them give us a call on 0207 2533 007 and we can get you book in plus tell you about the exclusive preview evening we are planning!


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