Justin Alexander Spring 2013 Bridal Collection


Justin Alexander had a vision of affordable, couture bridal gowns that had an accent of glamour, drama and luxury. From this vision the Justin Alexander Wedding Dress Collection was created. Justin Alexander’s international design team pay close attention to detail, designing sophisticated bridal gowns for brides across Europe and North America.

Steal that style: Jacquetta Wheeler and James Allsopp

jacquetta-wheeler-wedding (2)

Sometimes a princess appears where you least expect it! If we all dreamed of a vintage gown for Kate Middleton and were let down, Jacquetta Wheeler managed to prove that there is still an English Rose to look up to. Jacquetta married banker James Allsopp in a wedding that was nothing else than picture-perfect. “I feel like I’m in The Truman Show!” laughed hair maestro Ashley Javier, and he was not far from the truthy. The wedding was perfectly planned and proved that dreams can really come true.

Champagne, Moroccan mint tea, and cakes were served on the terraces. In the dinner marquee—a study in soft pink, hung with globes of pink gypsophila—tables were named for towns in Morocco, a perfect idea to incorporate a part of your family tradition in your wedding.

Kisui 2013 Bridal Spring Collection


Kisui is a young, unique brand designing beautiful and individual bridal gowns with natural appeal. Delicate veils and sophisticated accessories create a modern and elegant look. Special attention is given to the decorative details and embellishments which complete every dress to perfection. We give each of our brides a gown to enhance and complement their personality.

Bouquet by Eddy K Bridal 2013 Spring Collection


Designed in Milan, the fashion capital of the world, and manufactured with the highest quality fabrics, Eddy K has the perfect wedding gown for every bride. From sophisticated couture gowns to elegant destination dresses, Eddy K’s attention to detail flatters all figures and offers styles for any taste or special occasion.

Akay Bridal 2013 Spring Collection

akai_2013 (78)

AKAY  is one of the most reliable representative of the concept “bride” that reflects a separate importance and value in our culture, as it is the case in different cultures, as it is a family-run business. The firm has commenced its activities during the seventies based on the educational background of the family members in the field of fabric, design and art. Today, AKAY is one of the largest wedding dress firm bearing the label “Made in Turkey”.

Hila Gaon 2012 Bridal Collection


The 2012 collection as described by designer Hila Gaon is “light, feminine, delicate and elegant, with touches of lace, embroidery, vintage and cotton applications.”  They are the perfect gowns for a bride looking for an effortless look with a mix of modern and vintage style. To check out Hila Gaon’s gowns in person, visit her studio in Tel Aviv

Mori Lee 2013 Voyage Bridal Collection


Signature dresses exemplified by fabulous fabrics and graceful cuts abound in Mori Lee’s bridesmaid collection. Bridesmaid dresses from cocktail length to formal, and gowns to complement and enhance the bride, have been created by the internationally acclaimed designer Madeline Gardener.

Tips&Tricks: Wedding Gown Materials 2 – Lace


If you just started looking for a wedding gown than you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of choices and decisions you must make. That’s why I’ve decided to make a quick guide that will help you with the materials. All the images posted above the material are gowns including that material, you have a short description and some pros and cons. Hope you find it helpful!

Lace – a perfect and elegant material that will make you look romantic and timeless

Pros: You can construct very beautiful shapes with lace and play with the design with embroidery. The gown will look expensive and you will find it easy to wear as lace weights light.

Cons: Wrong choice of lace can look cheap and old, also this is a material that will easily tear and create ruptures. Make sure you invest in a quality lace and you opt for a strong support base – like satin – that will sustain your material of choice

FashionBride Choices: 1. Allure Bridal 2. Allure Bridal 3. Allure Bridal 4. Bellantuono 5.Blue by Enzoani 6. Cymbeline 7. Elisabeth B 8. La Sposa 9. Villais

Giovanna Sbiroli 2013 Bridal Spring Collection

giovana sbirolli (34)

Giovanna Sbiroli is a distinguished italian based designer, whose designs are timeless and elegant with a cosmopolitan edge. Sbiroli’s design ethic stems from an urge to make women look and feel beautiful. Their secret? An unerring eye for beauty – in all shapes and sizes; a down-to-earth demeanour, that endures them to his many clients; and an irrepressibly creative eye.