Tips&Tricks: Wedding Gown Materials 2 – Lace


If you just started looking for a wedding gown than you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of choices and decisions you must make. That’s why I’ve decided to make a quick guide that will help you with the materials. All the images posted above the material are gowns including that material, you have a short description and some pros and cons. Hope you find it helpful!

Lace – a perfect and elegant material that will make you look romantic and timeless

Pros: You can construct very beautiful shapes with lace and play with the design with embroidery. The gown will look expensive and you will find it easy to wear as lace weights light.

Cons: Wrong choice of lace can look cheap and old, also this is a material that will easily tear and create ruptures. Make sure you invest in a quality lace and you opt for a strong support base – like satin – that will sustain your material of choice

FashionBride Choices: 1. Allure Bridal 2. Allure Bridal 3. Allure Bridal 4. Bellantuono 5.Blue by Enzoani 6. Cymbeline 7. Elisabeth B 8. La Sposa 9. Villais

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