Top 10 Most Unusual Wedding Venues in the UK

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Have you ever thought of getting married in a treehouse or perhaps in an old swimming pool? Think of the most unusual place, it’s probably on our list.

Organising a wedding can be a fun yet stressful time. You have so much to get done; you have to buy a dress, get the hen party bags and favours, and don’t forget, you have to find a venue. If you want to break with tradition and fancy something a little more modern or unique for you wedding then take a look at our choice of the top ten most unusual wedding venues from across the country. They may give you some matrimonial inspiration.

1. The Treehouse

Did you enjoy building dens as a child? The Lodge in Scotland is a rustic treehouse which overlooks Loch Goil. This is an intimate venue so you will have to whittle your guest list down to around 25 people but you will benefit from beautiful panoramic views of the mountain and lake.

2. Battersea Power Station

If you are a popular couple and want an iconic London location then look no further than Battersea Power Station. Opened in 1933 the venue has been unused for the last thirty years and the boiler house now holds numerous events of up to 700 people.

3. The Arabian Tent

The wedding marquee is a done wedding venue so broaden your horizons and go for an Arabian equivalent. With multiple sizes and styles the tent can be moulded to fit your theme and put up pretty much anywhere.

4. An Old Swimming Pool

This may not sound very romantic but wait until you see it. The Decorium in north London opened in 1895 and is now a huge venue packed with neo-classic design features. The ex-public swimming bath has an ‘Emperor Suit’ and an elegant foyer entrance.

5. The Gherkin

Have you ever thought about getting married in a skyscraper? The Gherkin in London is an iconic building which is instantly recognisable against the city skyline. There are breath–taking, 360 degree panoramic views from under the glass dome that can rival any wedding venue.

6. The Dinosaur Museum

The Great North Museum in Newcastle offers you the unique experience of being married under the shadow of the great T Rex skeleton. If this isn’t for you then have your ceremony amongst the opulence of the ancient Egyptian mummies. With all the rooms licensed you can pick and choose the time in history to set your celebrations.

7. The Shark Aquarium

Did you ever dream of being the little mermaid as a child? Make your dream come true and have your wedding reception surrounded by sea life in Alton Towers. After all who else can say their wedding involved sharks and rollercoasters?

8. The Whisky Vault

Hold your reception surrounded by walls of whiskey and never be short of a tipple at Edinburgh’s Scotch Whisky Experience. This is the world’s largest collection of whisky; there is floor-to-ceiling glass and a

Swarovski crystal chandelier so customise the colour backlight to match your wedding and let the venue shine.

9. A Lighthouse

If you have been brought up by the sea or your soon-to-be hubby is a sailor, then you may want to get married in a lighthouse. The Old Lighthouse in Dungeness is a Grade II listed building with views out over the English Channel and the surrounding country side. This is a small yet affordable venue for your special day.

10. The Subterranean Lake

If you are looking for a truly unusual wedding destination then get married underground at The Subterranean Lake at Carnglaze Caverns in Cornwall. It’s magically decorated with fairy lights and candles to guide your way and a little boat to sail out onto the cavernous lake. Entertain your guests next to the underground lake or in the rum store cavern.

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