Jewelry guide: Timeless Pieces

297079_0000There’s no better place to find beautiful earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets than Moissanite gifts.

Many of the earrings come in a stunning white gold setting. The available cuts are cushion cut, heart shape, oval shape and round and brilliant cut that will sparkle and flatter any outfit. Available colors include medium green and near colorless. Necklaces come in a variety of chain styles and lengths. The carat size of the stones starts at 0.99 ctw and goes as high as 2.99 ctw. The beautiful cuts include cushion cut, along with round and square brilliant cut. Like the earrings, available stone colors are medium green and near colorless.

Rings at Moissanite are created to look as if they came out of a dream. Caret size starts at 0.99 ctw and goes over 5.00 ctw. The shape of the center stone can be a radiant cut or a round brilliant cut and the stones are all near colorless. There are dozens of settings to choose from that include simple modern styles and the glamour of art deco. Bracelets come in white gold settings with stones in a round brilliant cut. The bracelets come in six, seven, and eight inch lengths, and one is available in the popular fashion circle style.

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