Jewelry guide: Timeless Pieces

297079_0000There’s no better place to find beautiful earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets than Moissanite gifts.

Many of the earrings come in a stunning white gold setting. The available cuts are cushion cut, heart shape, oval shape and round and brilliant cut that will sparkle and flatter any outfit. Available colors include medium green and near colorless. Necklaces come in a variety of chain styles and lengths. The carat size of the stones starts at 0.99 ctw and goes as high as 2.99 ctw. The beautiful cuts include cushion cut, along with round and square brilliant cut. Like the earrings, available stone colors are medium green and near colorless.

Rings at Moissanite are created to look as if they came out of a dream. Caret size starts at 0.99 ctw and goes over 5.00 ctw. The shape of the center stone can be a radiant cut or a round brilliant cut and the stones are all near colorless. There are dozens of settings to choose from that include simple modern styles and the glamour of art deco. Bracelets come in white gold settings with stones in a round brilliant cut. The bracelets come in six, seven, and eight inch lengths, and one is available in the popular fashion circle style.

Jewelry Guide: Don’t be afraid to change your look

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You can have a classic look when you walk down the aisle, then change up your jewelry when you’re going to let loose at the reception. Add a few bangles or switch out your elegant pearl studs for statement-making chandelier earrings.

Jewelry Guide: Diamond and crystal brooches


Diamond and crystal brooches can add glamor and dazzle to your wedding dress. These kinds of brooches can be very lavish, with intricate and detailed designs. If you have chosen a neutral palate for your wedding dress, such as ivory, cream, or white, then a diamond or crystal brooch will work very well as the transparent stones will coordinate with the neutral colors.

Bridal Status Symbols


Let’s be honest for a moment. When it comes to weddings, it’s common to see that some girls (and some guys) like to show off certain aspects of their wedding as a status symbol. It may be their dress, or it could be their wedding ring, or the actual catering, but people like to show off their wealth, happiness, and style at weddings. If you are a groom who wants to give your bride something to brag about, you might want to consider getting one of these bridal status symbols sooner rather than later.

  • A Designer Dress – Every girl secretly dreams of walking down the aisle in a Vera Wang dress. It’s a once in a lifetime way to feel as princesslike as Kate Middleton. These designer dresses can cost a pretty penny, but you can bet your bottom dollar that she will be bragging about the dress, showing photos on Facebook, and the works for quite some time.
  • Lots Of Wedding Attendees – It’s obvious that it takes a lot of money, a lot of friends, and a lot of status to have a really, really, really large wedding. Having a large wedding is the ultimate status symbol for brides and grooms who really, really want to show that they are loved on their special day.
  • Gourmet Catering And An Open Bar – Many wedding planners report that their clients want to show off their generosity, their wealth, and also their hospitality by getting top of the line wedding caterers, and even going so far as to offer an open bar at their wedding. This is the easiest way to get guests to compliment you on your accommodations, your hospitality, and of course, the great food!
  • A REALLY Big Diamond – This is the most obvious bridal status symbol that you can get. If you want to see a girl squeal with joy, offer her a 2 carat diamond ring as her engagement or wedding ring. She will be bragging to her friends, strangers, and everyone else within earshot for months.
  • A Very Elegant Setting – If you want to really wow people, hold your wedding at a location that has pizzazz. Consider having a wedding at an old English castle, at a 5 star resort, or at your local area’s hottest country club. Your wedding photos will speak for themselves, but it’s also pretty obvious that your bride will be boasting to her friends about her exclusive wedding vacation for quite a while.
  • Amazing Party Favors – When the wedding reception is all done, people will have your gifts to remember you buy. Offering them amazing gifts is a clear way to boast without having to boast.
  • One Heck Of A Bachelor(ette) Party! – Although this may not have much to do with the wedding itself, having a bachelor party that is really off the hook is a bragging right, and to a point, a status symbol, for many people. So go ahead, plan a cool party for you and your bro’s (or sisters). Just, you know, make sure that your future spouse doesn’t hear of your shenanigans.

Of course the biggest bragging right that a bride and groom can have is eachother, and that fact should not be overlooked while planning a wedding, or doing anything wedding-related. Not many people have a loving spouse to come home to, and you should remember that. Your wedding should be a celebration of the fact that you found love – not the fact that you found a pair of Prada shoes for sale at Macy’s. If it’s turned into a celebration of materialism, you may want to take a step back and wonder if that’s really a good thing.

Jewelry Guide: Shop Early

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Whether in the store or online, getting your bridal jewelry as early as possible will help relieve the stress of trying to get something perfect in a few short days, which never works out well. Take some of the hassle out of shopping and order your bridal jewelry early online and if there is any unforseen problems when it arrives, you have plenty of time to have changes made or order something else without being pressured with how much time you have until the wedding.

Wedding Jewelry: Animal Trends

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Do you have a favorite animal? No, I don’t mean your pet but a special beast that incorporates all those passion and wishes or special powers – the strenght of a bear, the wisdom of an elephant or an owl, the beauty of a peacock or the feline movements of a tiger.

You can add those to your look by wearing a special jewelry made to be exactly that – a magical animal that will bring with him those special characteristics. You all remember that fabulous collection made by Cartier – well we can’t all afford that type of jewelries but you can all try these fabulous picks.

1.MARC by Marc Jacobs – Flock Necklace 2. Alexis Bittar – Multi-Strand Panther Necklace 3. Love Heals- Magnesite Pendant Necklace 4. Marni – Floral Pin 5. Kenneth Jay Lane – Pave Dragon Pin 6. Kenneth Jay Lane -Snake Pin 7. Fragments – Brooches 8.Jay Strongwater – Adi Dragonfly Brooch 9. Kenneth Jay Lane – Centipede Pin

Something blue by Leon’s Beverly Hills

Tradition are sometimes overwhelming and sometimes you’d just wish to skip them all and wear only things that you like no matter how old, new or blue they are. Doing so you’ll sure upset someone so why not give a twist on these traditions? At Leon’s – Beverly Hills Jewelry you’ll find that blue touch that every bride needs without compromising your elegance and style.

Jewelries tell a story about you and your loved one in that special day, let’s think for a second on how a ring symbolizes your union. So why not extend this magical meaning to your necklace, earrings or an additional ring. And if you want to add a hint of tradition make that item blue. Leon’s unique collection of premium gemstones, metals and intricate custom designs will help you choose the perfect hue.

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FashionBride tip : a blue topaz and diamond mix will invoke a soft sea breeze when worn so it will be perfect for a beach wedding!

Hot tips: increase your wedding budget

Do you need a bit more for your wedding than you planned when you did the budget? Well, then you should host a gold party and use your jewelries to fund your wedding. It is a great way to make room for a bit extra and to use the new funds to increase your weddings glamour effect.

You can always go and purchase more but when you really need the extra budget you can opt for jewelry buyers, that will help you cash in for your jewelry that you don’t use or that is old dated. To be honest I do that frequently because I love to purchase new pieces and I never get to wear the old ones, so instead of having tens of pieces that aren’t used I prefer to transform them into money and buy others or use the budget for something I truly want.

Be honest, I’m sure you have a jewelry box that is full with pieces that you don’t use and instead you have some jewelries that are spread all over the place and you wear them everyday.

You probably know that the cash for diamonds trend is rising and many of the fashionistas turn to it. You might be emotional thinking the pieces you have are of emotional value, but think of it as a way to increase the budget for other aspects of your life.

And your wedding will sure worth it, for just a couple of pieces you don’t use you will sure get enough in order to increase the budget you have for your wedding dress. It’s always nice to know that you can over do it from time to time just make sure you have what it takes to ensure your financial stability. In this day and age you have to be creative and use all your resources.

Jewelry inspiration: bold and beautiful

1. Bright and bold florals were a major feature on the runways for SS12, and what better way to tap into the trend than with Roberto Cavalli’s gold-plated Swarovski crystal-embellished necklace. Offset the bright-orange enamel against a color-clash dress for the strongest style statement.

2. For her SS12 collection, French jewelry designer Aurélie Bidermann looked to the Wild West for inspiration and this ‘Cherokee’ necklace is the glamorous result. Beautifully contrasting 18-karat gold-plated brass with polished turquoise cabochons, it will lend a well-traveled twist to every look. Show this statement piece off to maximum effect by wearing it against a simple top.

3. The SS12 collections were filled with Art Deco-inspired designs, and what better way to work the aesthetic than with Etro’s geometric necklace. Crafted from tiers of polished brass and black acetate, it’s a stunning way to pay homage to modernist glamour.

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Glam up trends: long earrings

1. Take inspiration from nature this season with Mallarino’s 24-karat gold-vermeil tiered leaf earrings. This pair are set apart by their intricate filigree design so be sure to show them off with a chic updo. For pierced ears.

2. The spring runways were brimming with Art Deco details, and these elegant ’20s-inspired silver-plated crystal earrings make a super chic evening choice. Wear them with a dropped-waist dress to channel on-trend Gatsby glamour. For pierced ears.

3. Handcrafted in Colombia, Mallarino’s 24-karat gold-vermeil filigree earrings will bring a touch of luxury to every look. This delicate tiered design will make a beautiful gift for someone special.

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