How To Plan Your Dress & Get Engaged In Style

2936_2Not every bride has the luxury to afford a personal stylist to plan their engagement dress, but that doesn’t mean your outfit can’t be an ethereal wonder on the occasion. You can look special on the day and take the first step towards an eternal journey while looking glamorous; it only requires a few essentials to get the job done.

Picking the right engagement dress and accessories will also warm you up for photo sessions on the day, and your photos are going to come out more natural if you and the groom wear outfits that were picked for the session.

Some of the following tips will assist your aim of getting engaged in style:

1.  Layers

Layering is the key to a stylish wardrobe, and your looks attract attention and interest when you’ve layered up in proper dimensions. If the event is going to happen in the fall season, you can even go with a light colored cardigan, some tights and a wedding scarf to top off the look.

Also, when picking your dress, coordinate with your better part–you want to avoid an outfit clash on the engagement day. The overall look can be coordinated with some complementing colors such as purple and orange.

2.  Textured fabricfahionbride (41)

Textured fabric is going to suit brides with textured skin (a little aged, scared or blemished) and textured hair (waves or thick curls). This not only gives more confidence to the bride on the day, but also gives an opportunity to downplay negative areas during video shoots, photo sessions and pre-wedding events.

Some of the creative fabric and textured dresses would include material like flannel, lace, wool and lace. All of them are lightweight, so they will make your outfit appear chic and stand the test of time if you make a purchase a few months in advance.

3.  Accessories 

Accessories play an essential role in finishing off the outfit, and perhaps one of the most important accessories for an engagement is the ring. You don’t necessarily need to go for a diamond ring with a bezel or a flush, as sapphire rings can also be a dazzling choice. They allow for a more pronged setting.

Front Jewelers also has sapphire rings available in pink and many other colors that are even accented in certified diamonds. The rings can be set in other precious metals such as black gold and white. This makes them a dazzling choice and opens up more options for the bride. Apart from the ring, you can also include a bracelet and chunky necklace to add a sense of cohesion.

4. Makeup

Go with a primer as it acts as the base of the makeup and also makes sure that your skin tone evens out. You also need to make sure that the concealer blends to the tone of your skin, as an uneven concealer can take the spotlight away from you.

Also, a bronze/blush duo is recommended for the cheeks, and don’t forget whitening your teeth: at home-treatments will work just fine and add spark to those engagement photos… and that smile of yours. Just keep it balanced and avoid going overboard with any of the make-up essentials.

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