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Top 31 Plus Size Evening Gowns that will Wow any Wedding

Plus size or not a wedding outfit has a special meaning for all of us either we’re in the bridal party or just as a guest. A wedding is an important moment you share with your loved ones and let’s not forget the wedding photos will hunt us over decades ( just ask your mom about those 80’s wedding outfits).

That’s why choosing timeless and elegant pieces is a must. And let’s be honest sometimes with a plus size that becomes more complicated than it must be. This is why we partnered with Fashion World to bring you this quick guide for your perfect wedding party outfit.

1. The Short Way out

Simple and elegant these short gown will make you blend right in with any wedding be it a fancy party or a chill beach wedding. Even better since you can wear this outfit on any other occasion.

2. Take the Long Way

Who doesn’t love a classy old Hollywood glam type of gown? These gowns are here to wow everyone that will get in 10 feet of you. And who know maybe the next wedding will be your own!

3. A True Lace Queen

Lace has made a serious comeback these past seasons and why wouldn’t you take full advantage of this marvelous trend? Here a 6 perfect gowns from Fashion World that are to die for.

4. In Touch With Your Inner Cat

Animal print never runs out of style because it is simply more about how you wear it than anything else. So release your inner feline and let your curves be flattered by these stunning outfits.

5. Flower power

Every woman should have a solid flower print gown in her dressing – it will come in handy for all those spring and weddings you have to attend. Plus you can’t stop smiling with these perfect fancy gowns.

All the outfits shown are available at Fashion World and are perfect for all Plus Size from 12 to 26 <3. Check them out and tell me what’s your favorite?

Goa – the Perfect Location for your Destination Wedding

Can you imagine a more romantic wedding than one on the beaches of Goa?  A perfect blend of Indian and Portuguese culture, mixed with sun, sea, sand, seafood and spirituality, there’s nowhere in India quite like it. And your wedding will bring out the best of both worlds.

Art Goa Entertainment

Already a must have destination for Indian couples this piece of Paradise has become one of the top choices for European and American couples as well.  Having a wedding in Goa doesn’t mean you have to leave out those special details that make a traditional western wedding. With Art Goa entertainment you can have your perfect European Wedding in Goa, Indian wedding or even Themed weddings in Goa (Rock ‘n’ roll, Bollywood, Hollywood 20th, etc)..

This perfect mix of services allows you to plan your wedding in this tropical paradise with all the access you would have at home. Art Goa Entertainment has several packages that create a perfect wedding for you – complete with photographer, music, videographer etc. Art Goa Entertainment will be happy to help you organize your Goa wedding in the best way, making this day the most memorable ever. Check our their services at artgoa.com or by email info@artgoa.com. Let us know if you already started planning your destination wedding!  

How to Keep the Kids Happy at Your Wedding

casamento-marcela-lacerda-ecila-antunes-julia-e-daniel-8Weddings are always joyous occasions, especially for the adults. Your parents and grandparents are delighted that you’re finally settling down with a great life partner, your mum gets to buy a new hat and you meet up with far-flung relatives for the first time in years…

One downside, however, is the fact that children can get bored and restless, which is unpleasant for them and trying for grown-ups. One option is a child-free wedding, but this doesn’t work for everyone, especially if you have people coming from far away. This is why, if there’s going to be quite a few children at your wedding, you need to organise some fun activities and attractions for them, so here’s a few ideas to get you thinking.

Organise a scavenger huntcolourful-peony-bouquet-02-900x0-c-default

After what will feel like hours of sitting still and quiet during the ceremony, the kids will want to run riot for a while, so give them a mission. Scavenger hunts are ideal for this, as they run around for ages, but the chaos is organised. If you’re planning a Heaton House wedding in Cheshire, you’ll find the grounds ideal for hunting! Make it a wedding-themed hunt, with things like mini wedding cakes, buttonholes, bags of confetti and so on.

A special retreat with books and films

Sometimes it all gets too much and they need to rest and cool off for a while. A big (or small) tent with books and a TV screen, as well as blankets, pillows and bean bags is a great place for children to unwind and stay out of trouble.

A cake and biscuit decorating stand

All kids love to decorate cakes and biscuits, so set up a decoration station! Lay out pre-baked cupcakes and cookies, as well as pre-filled icing bags, tubs of sprinkles and (most importantly) aprons and chef hats and let them have at it! It’ll keep them amused for at least half an hour!

Activity packs for the reception

Place activity packs as wedding favours at each child’s table place. The packs should include small colouring books, crayons, disposable cameras, bubbles, small puzzles and maybe a couple of snacks to keep them going while food is served.

A craft corner

Another firm favourite, crafting keeps little hands occupied for ages, especially the younger children. Supply paper, pens, stickers, lolly sticks, fabrics and pipe cleaners (maybe leave out the paints!) and sit back and wait for the results.

A games area

It doesn’t matter if your wedding is indoors or outdoors – get a few robust games consoles, some board games, a swingball and croquet set or two and let them have some fun. Croquet is often played at weddings, so you’ll want to learn the rules if you haven’t played it before.


A dressing-up photo booth

No wedding is complete without a collection of daft photo booth snaps. All ages love these booths and they’re a brilliant way to take the pressure off the official photographer for a few minutes! Make sure there’s enough props – moustaches, wigs, oversized sunglasses, hats and feather boas.

TheFashionBrides Trend: Pink Blush


Pink tones are the most common  chosen by brides that do not favor white or ivory. This spring Allure Bridal includes a wide array of designs for their pink choices, from stunning mermaid dresses to my absolute favorite – the princess gown with roses on its skirt. Tell me fashionbrides what style fits better? Did Jessica Biel set a pink trend already?

Please contact the designer for authorized retailers and pricing information.  Check our Bridal Designers Directory for similar gowns. Don’t forget to share the gowns you like on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it means the world to us.

TheFashionBrides Trend: The Jewelry Gown

Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka

Who needs jewelries when your gown can be covered in sparkly diamonds or Swarovski crystals? Brands such as Pronovias, Galia Lahav, Badgley Mischka and many more have created stunning gowns that incorporate in their designs amazing gems. From simple details on the straps to full bloom sparkle, the choice is endless. So tell me FashionBrides would you choose a gown bedazzled with gems?

Please contact the designer for authorized retailers and pricing information.  Check our Bridal Designers Directory for similar gowns. Don’t forget to share the gowns you like on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it means the world to us.

There are 3 Things That are Needed for Every Wedding Regardless of Size

img_1179212450_15357_1391578736_mod_266_177There are a million of things that need to be taken care of when a couple decides to get married, especially when they want a traditional type of wedding. No wedding is perfect, and it is imperative that both the bride and groom admit this to themselves early on that there will be things that go wrong. After all, a perfect wedding doesn’t mean that the day went off without any glitches. However, there are three things that a couple can control that will help with making the day perfect for them.

1. Showing appreciation to wedding guests is a good thing to help make a couple’s wedding day memorable.
There are a lot of different ways that a couple can show their appreciation to their guests. Some couples just send thank you cards after the wedding, but one way to make a wedding more memorable is to make small memento bags for their guests. It doesn’t have to be anything big and flashy, but the gesture will help the couple’s guests feel appreciated. img_1179212450_15287_1391578664_mod_264_176Therefore when planning a wedding, a couple should actually look into making these bags regardless of what they choose to put in them.

2. Beverages and food can be extremely costly, but it is important to remember quantity.
People often times worry about the types of food and beverages they are going to serve at their wedding reception, but it is possible to get away with less extravagant food. The biggest thing that a couple should worry about is making sure that they have enough to go around. They don’t want the food and drinks to be gone before the reception time is over.

3. It isn’t enough to just provide entertainment for a wedding reception. A couple needs to make sure that the entertainment is appropriate for those who are attending.
DJs are a popular form of entertainment that is used at wedding receptions, but when they are used, the couple needs to take in account who is going to be at the wedding. A lot of times at a wedding, the guests are made up of all ages. img_1179212450_15358_1391731679_mod_384_255Therefore when choosing the entertainment for the reception, it is always a smart idea to make sure that the entertainment is suitable for everyone that is attending the wedding.

For the best wedding receptions in Western Sydney, couples can find out information about the Springfield House Function Centre and the types of services and features they offer to people who wish to have their wedding with them. They are able to accommodate wedding parties that are both large and small. The last thing that a couple needs to remember is that no wedding is perfect. Things may go wrong, but the important thing is that the couple have a memorable day that they will never forget.

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