Top 31 Plus Size Evening Gowns that will Wow any Wedding

Plus size or not a wedding outfit has a special meaning for all of us either we’re in the bridal party or just as a guest. A wedding is an important moment you share with your loved ones and let’s not forget the wedding photos will hunt us over decades ( just ask your mom about those 80’s wedding outfits).

That’s why choosing timeless and elegant pieces is a must. And let’s be honest sometimes with a plus size that becomes more complicated than it must be. This is why we partnered with Fashion World to bring you this quick guide for your perfect wedding party outfit.

1. The Short Way out

Simple and elegant these short gown will make you blend right in with any wedding be it a fancy party or a chill beach wedding. Even better since you can wear this outfit on any other occasion.

2. Take the Long Way

Who doesn’t love a classy old Hollywood glam type of gown? These gowns are here to wow everyone that will get in 10 feet of you. And who know maybe the next wedding will be your own!

3. A True Lace Queen

Lace has made a serious comeback these past seasons and why wouldn’t you take full advantage of this marvelous trend? Here a 6 perfect gowns from Fashion World that are to die for.

4. In Touch With Your Inner Cat

Animal print never runs out of style because it is simply more about how you wear it than anything else. So release your inner feline and let your curves be flattered by these stunning outfits.

5. Flower power

Every woman should have a solid flower print gown in her dressing – it will come in handy for all those spring and weddings you have to attend. Plus you can’t stop smiling with these perfect fancy gowns.

All the outfits shown are available at Fashion World and are perfect for all Plus Size from 12 to 26 <3. Check them out and tell me what’s your favorite?

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