Ellen and Portia de Rossi married in L.A


‘Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were married in an intimate ceremony at their home in Los Angeles,’ their spokesperson told People magazine.

Former comic and sitcom star DeGeneres wore a loose-fitting white chiffon shirt, white waistcoat and trousers while de Rossi wore a cream and pale pink halterneck dress by  designer Zac Posen.

The couple have been dating since December 2004 and DeGeneres announced her plans to wed her lover on her chat show in May.

13 thoughts on “Ellen and Portia de Rossi married in L.A

    1. Prop 8 breeds more hate. Ignorance breeds more fear. Say no to narrow minded fools. I am straight, but I need no complex to stand behind, its America, honor freedom and be who you want to be!

    2. You are disgusting, if you don’t like gay marriage don’t get one and shut the up! =)

      1. 🙂 amanda, no need for the harsh words; eventually it will all calm down and we all we’ll know the right way to aproach the subject. all my best

  1. Cutest couple ever. Anyone who sees them can see the love between them. They are so beautiful and right together.

    1. I’m saddened by your ignorance. If you dislike people who are different to you, you will never be happy. 🙁

  2. The world need less bigots, it’s sad that there are still people fill with hate…is comments like 1 & 3, from ignorant people that holds back our society…have some manners, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all!

    1. I must agree with you. I’m as straight as it can be, and I adore my boyfriend but that doesn’t mean I have to throw #@$ everywheare around me. Ah, and the comments received have been faaaaar worst than 1&3 😛

  3. love is love. they’re a beautiful couple and i support humans marrying humans. peace.

  4. E and P look beautiful. Anyone with eyes can see this. I am married (to a man), have two children and am in my 50’s. These two people love each other and it’s no one’s damn business but theirs. As they are both in the public eye, it is nice that they chose to share some of the footage with us. Thanks for that!
    My prayer is that you live long lives together and find comfort with each other and ignore the sad folks who can not be joyful with you. Congrats!

  5. Wow people like pete and amanda need to grow themselves up. stop hating on other people. all huumans have the right to marry who we choose its our lives deal with it. i love ellen, shes my romodel. yes im gay. 🙂 her and portia are an amazing couple and i long for that with my gf and I. we have come so far and know one like pete or amanda will drag us down. later.

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