FashionBride Interview with Ines di Santo

FashionBride  interviewed bridal designer Ines di Santo. The talented designer told us about the way she decided to design, about her favorite gowns and the way she created the bridal gown for her daughter.


ines di santo
ines di santo

Tell us what were the reasons that determinate you to became a fashion designer?


As a very young girl, I was very interested in fashion design. I made clothes for my friends when I was 15 for those celebrating their fifteenth birthdays in Argentina where I grew up after I moved there form Italy. From that point I just kept creating clothing and further advancing my skills.

And why the special interest for the bridal industry?

When I was designing evening wear in the 80’s all the rules could be broken but bridal provided an even bigger challenge and presented a landscape that was unexplored in my opinion.


Some of the best designers in the world are born in Italy. Do you think your background influenced in any way your creations?

Yes, I think that the Italian culture and passion for the arts is something that every Italian lives out everyday whether it is with food or fashion. 

Talk us trough the process of making a gown. And tell us if you have a special way of designing (maybe some superstitions when designing?)

I design gowns that are made in the French tradition of “Couture”. My garments are meticulously constructed and I use only the finest of silks and embroideries to create a garment that moves well and feels amazing and above all looks and fits like a glove. 

Do you have a favorite gown? One that you’ve created and has a special meaning. And if so, what does it make it so special?

I think of all my gowns as my children. I do not have a favorite as each ones has brought me one step closer to the expertise and knowledge I hold today.

You’ve designed your daughter’s gown. How did that feel?

It was the most amazing and exhilarating project for me to date. It was wrapped with such emotion that every drape and every aspect of those designs were so passionate and exciting for me.

How do you see a perfect bride? What should she wear?

Every dress is a personality. For me, the best dress is the one that brings out your best features and makes you feel your best.

Do you prefer a more conventional style or go for the avant guard when designing your collections?

I like an eclectic mix that presents styles that are fresh and new but reminiscent of something of the past as all fashion is cyclical so it is inevitably going to be as such.

What about white, should a bride consider having a different color for her dress? Do you approve such an approach  ?

A brides’ choice for color should be something special and personal. Often times we look better in something other than white. Other times the style itself beckons for a particular color as in the case for lace. For me lace is best when it is not pure white.

Tell us some more about your 2009 collection.  What are the novelties that Ines di Santo brings?

The 2009 Collection will be presented in October and it is an absolute secret!

Last but not least, do you have an advice for FashionBride readers?

Limit your search to your favorite 3 designers. Visit a maximum of 5 salons. Select gowns that match your personality and personal style to avoid feeling like you are having an out of body experience!

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