Jordi Dalmau 2010 Eterna Bridal Collection,

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Jordi Dalmau’s 2010 collection, called ETERNA, is inspired by the mythical wood nymphs. The collection has reminiscences of the beginning of the 19th century, with tight corsets, elegant dresses and a daring visual range of shapes and colours that highlight the most feminine side of today’s bride. The collection is completed with embroidered details with gems that share their space with unfinished bows that define the look that Jordi Dalmau takes such care of.

This contrast is also given to the multiple overskirts, that can be added on or taken off, that transform the dresses so that they can be worn differently on the same day.
One of the identity signs in Jordi Dalmau collections is the plaited ribbons on the back combined with the zip, adding a touch of distinction to the finished look of the dress, also allowing the bride to adjust it according to the needs of the moment.

The materials used in this collection are satin, gauze and natural silk as well as mikado used for draping and giving inimitable shapes to skirts and dresses. As a final point, we should mention the traditional dressmaking methods used for each of the models which are produced by hand in our workshop in Barcelona, thus offering exceptional service and quality.

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