Pepe Botella 2010 Mediterranean Bridal Collection

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Far from the typical stereotypes of the Mediterranean, Pepe Botella is inspired by his own origins, thinking of the present and the future. Beyond the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, the Mediterranean is a modern, active, entrepreneur culture. It is the Mediterranean of the Ciudad de las Artes in Valencia and the Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona. The same sea, the same light, the same colours that inspire post modern architecture, looking at the blue of the Mediterranean Sea, bathed with its light.

The new collection from the Alicante firm is based on highly developed patterns, treated from an architectural point of view. Structured shapes, made with material, needle and thread, playing with the elegant, classical materials of brides, in which silk fabrics are the protagonist, with mikados, dupioni and organdies. You will also find light, supple gauzes and coupé organdies.

The Mediterranean, modernity and haute couture: the three sources of inspiration for the new Pepe Botella collection.

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  1. Hi how can I get that Pepe Novias collection 2010 #3201‏ dress. I am getting married March 28th 2015. I simply love it. I am based in Scotland but willing to travel for it.

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