Josep Font 2010 Bridal Collection


Josep Font presented his collection for the first time at the Cibeles Fashion Show in 1989. That same year he also had the opportunity to display his designs at the Contemporary Fashion Fair in Milan, where he returned in the summer of 1991, and at the Piscine Deligny in Paris. He has enjoyed constant success in France, where he received the national Fil D’Argent Award in 1989.


His international expansion continued throughout the nineties. In 1993 he was invited to participated in the Igedo Fair in Düsseldorf, which provided a launch pad for the German market. In July 1997 he presented his Spring-Summer collection in Tokyo as well as in Barcelona. In September 2002 Josep Font reached an agreement with the Paris department store Galleries Lafayette de París, which now stocks his collection in its section known as Le laboratoire des créateurs. His next major international challenge is the opening of his own Paris store, situated in Rue Sourdière, just off Rue Saint-Honoré.


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