Tips&Tricks: Wedding Gown Materials 1 – Satin

elisabeth b

There are so many great fabrics out there taht you’ll find it hard to opt for a single one for your wedding dress. That’s why I’ve decided to make a quick guide that will help you with the materials. All the images posted above the material are gowns including that material, you have a short description and some pros and cons. Hope you find it helpful!

Satin – Is one of the most popular between the brides and that’s because it’s a clean, strong and relatively cost effective fabric

Pros: Offers great structure, body and elegance to the silhouette. It can be used on formal and semi-formal ceremonies. It can adapt very well and will not create many troubles even if you wear it the whole day long.

Cons: It is too hot for summer weddings and warm weather in general. It will not give that airy, ethereal, romantic look, it’s more efficient for brides that want to look well put together rather than the ones that want to get a more less dramatic look.

FashionBride Choices: 1.Stela Tyler 2.Stela Tyler 3.Elisabeth B 4.Beatriz Mateos 5. Beatriz Mateos 6.Bellantuono 7. Bellantuono 8. Beautiful 9.Pronovias

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