Jewelry trends: Fake Diamonds for the Holidays


Have you ever thought of the impact your engagement ring had or will have on the environment? Sure you’re not responsible for the global warming but you must keep in mind that diamonds aren’t usually conflict free and environmentally friendly. That’s why you should opt for Fake Diamonds.  

They are an amazing substitute for real diamonds and are as clear and fine cut as the classic ones. Having a synthetic diamond makes no evident  difference, they are ideally cut and flawless shaped. And don’t believe you’re options will be limited – you will find all  the standard shapes and styles you are used to – and all of that at amazing prices!

A real diamond ring will cost you a couple of thousands of dollars while a diamond replica only a couple of hundreds – and you will never spot the difference. All of that and if you choose to purchase the items from Diamonius you will also give 2,5% of sales to the orphans. It’s a real pleasure to share your love and fortune with the ones that are less fortunate as we are – that’s the reason I highly recommend opting for a fake diamond rather than a real one.

Choose a jewelry that stands for what you believe in – ecology and  philanthropy.

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