Hot stuff: Julie Schwanbeck Jewels


Julie Schwanbeck launched jules. in 2007, finally able to embrace her lifelong passion for jewels. Yet just as she began to take off as a designer, she became sidelined with three herniated discs and two consecutive spinal fusions, forcing her into months of bed-rest. A year later, Jules made quite a comeback, recently launching her brand new online boutique under her own namesake.

With custom hammered golds, oxidized silvers, hand-picked gem stones and rare organic minerals, Jules has created a hand-fabricated collection that is unmatched in design and quality and is sure to gain a rapidly growing following.


Per the incredible demand Jules received from loyal customers and intrigued members of the press, Schwanbeck has just launched, a new ecommerce site where her wide range of designs are now available. Shop the most recent collections, choose custom metals, lush gems or organic minerals, learn about her newest ventures like giving back to the community with Jules’ Little Gems and
stay on top of all this fabulous new jewelry brand has to offer.

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