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Wedding Dress Bustle – What Type Is the Best for You

Every brides dream is to have an amazing princess wedding gown with a long impressive train or an incredible mermaid wedding gown with a complex lace or tulle train. This is the perfect look for the ceremony and your exceptional wedding photos will prove it.

Every guest will be in awe of your beautiful gown and you will adore the look -it’s your moment to shine and be the real star you deserve to be. But what will you do after that moment? How will you deal with that impressive train that fascinated everybody? That’s where the bustle comes in.

The wedding dress bustle will save you! But (please) make sure you are choosing the right type for your gown – you will avoid it ripping (if it’s unsuitable to support the weight of your train) or look out of place ( for instance the 5 point American bustle can look bulky on certain gowns).

There are various types of bustle, we will talk about the most common ones, but you should choose the one that fits your wedding gown to a tee. The bustle must keep track of the weight of the train, the hooking system, of how visible it is when not bustled and the various materials that compose the train ( taffeta, silk, lace etc)

The bustle consists of ribbons, loops, buttons, eyes and hooks that are sewn in the train in specific places and ways to support the train.  You should try to hide as much as possible the details, but keep in mind that they might be visible when the train is not bustled.

Is my dress suitable for a bustle?

Yes, most wedding gowns can be bustled but some are better at hiding the bustle. For instance when it comes to wedding gowns with ruffles or tulle they can hide extremely well the bustle hooks – in such a manner you won’t even realise a bustle exists.

How many types of bustle there are?

Every sartorial school has it’s own way of dealing with bustling a wedding gown, but every bustle is in the end determined by the bridal style.

Basically the train can be bustled over the skirt, under a pleat of the skirt or under the skirt itself.

Let’s get into details


1. The American Bustle

The buttons or hooks are attached to the exterior of the gown. Choosing the right placement is key, you can also choose to have multiple buttons or hooks to make sure the weight is supported well.

This style is suitable for mermaid trains as well.

2. The Austrian Bustle

Ribbons are used to create a ruched design all over the train – think of the cinching of curtains). This style was extremely popular with Austrian nobility so if it suited Empress Sissi we’re all in.


3. The French Bustle

This technique is the reverse of the American bustle, as hooks pick up the train of the gown as they tuck under the silhouette itself.

4. The Ballgown Bustle

This type of bustle completely hides the train giving the illusion the gown was always floor length. Multiple bustle points are sewn inside making it possible for the train to fold inside.


5. The Waterfall Bustle

Similar to the French Bustle this type of bustle chooses various points ( depending on the length of your train) and with ribbons locks the train in place.


6. The Overlaping Bustle

This bustle places the train on top of your floor length skirt. Multiple points are made around the bodice or at the base of your fishtail making it possible to pin the train on top.


No mater what type of bustle you choose make sure it is resistant and you will feel at ease with it. Keep in mind that some type can be expensive so maybe you will be better suited with a second wedding dress for the part ( here are some great short wedding gowns to choose from).


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