FashionBride interview with Jenny Lu from Albeit

Albeit is the vision of renowned up-and-coming designer, Jenny Lu; to push beyond contemporary concepts and styles of jewelry by redefining what classic is. The product is original and delicate with a sleek sophistication that not only enhances the wearer’s outfit, but also reflects a philosophy of life and style. It is elegant and understated, yet feminine, playful, and distinct.

To find out more about her work and personal style, but also about some great wedding tips, we talked to Jenny and made up this amazing interview. Read along and enjoy all these precious info!

1. When did you decided to become a designer and why did you find this domain interesting?

Ever since I was a girl, I’ve always been drawn to art and design. I love the way fashion, jewelry, buildings, and interiors change and beautify our everyday perception of the world. My particular interest was initially rooted in architecture and interiors, which I pursued in my studies. My designs for Albeit Jewelry have been heavily influenced by this. With influences from the work of Zaha Hadid and Daniel Libeskind, I have come to realize that architecture is very much like pieces of jewels strewn over a vast landscape. Inspired by Hadid’s constant morphing shapes in her buildings, the notion ‘art in flux’ has really had an impact on my design style. With this convergence of architecture and jewelry design, I have tried to create pieces that translate this fluidity in life.

2. Talk us trough the first years of you work. Maybe you could tell us what did change in time? Are your designs different from the very beginning?

Well, this is my first collection. But in my next collection which I am currently working on, I would like to build upon and explore how further I can push this switch in design vocabulary.

3. Why should a bride-to-be choose one of your designs?

A bride-to-be should choose my pieces because it’s the perfect platform for self-expression in the utmost understated manner. It signifies a little bit of the wearer in its simplicity, however it is this simplicity in design that conveys the power and sophistication of the wearer. It exudes a flirtatious mystery or an intimate secret with a hint of who you are and what you share with your beloved. It shows the world that the possibilities are endless and there is a special story between the bride and groom that only you two know of. Whether you wear a letter initial to celebrate your new last name or wear a sacred number that perhaps you and your other half-share, there is something very distinct about wearing a pendant that is uniquely catered to your story.

4. Do tell us a bit more about your inspiration sources.

I love incorporating 2 Dimensional typographical elements into 3 Dimensional objects. Whether it’s a direct extruding of the font type or an extraction of the meaning of the graphic principles, I love how typography decodes so many informative details. Typography has the ability to instantaneously tell us a time period, a location, a vibe and characteristics of this certain breed. The font used for Albeit’s pendants suggests a modern sophisticated women that also has an appetite for a flare.

5. Have you got any piece you’ve created and that has a very special meaning for you? Can you describe it or can show us a picture?

I’ve always been a big fan of curly brackets….or others might call it the parenthesis symbol. Not only do I love the shape and curve of this symbol, I love what it implies; Indicating that there’s more to be told, that there is an additional depth and complexity to the overall story. I love the open-ended mystery it suggests!

6. From your point of view, how should a perfect bride look like?

A perfect bride should look effortless and comfortable in her own skin. She should not try to fit a particular mold or tradition, but try to look the way that makes her feel beautiful and represents who she is.

7. And tell us what would you give her and, maybe, other brands can’t.

Albeit can give an everlasting necklace in either 14k or white gold. It will stay with you even if you wear them in the shower. The necklaces will never tarnish. It’s subtle and dainty, yet it makes a bold statement on it’s own.

8. Last but not least, do you have any advice for FashionBride readers?

Continue to immerse yourself into the things that you love. Passions aren’t just passions; great outcomes derive from it! I promise!

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