Princess Style Diary: Victoria of Sweden

victoria of sweden (13)

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is one tough lady and one of my favorite princesses – she will inherit her father’s throne, has an amazing love and respect for her husband (pretty sure you all remember that fabulous wedding they had) but most of all she is imperfect like all of us.

Victoria is one of the few members of royal families that have admitted to suffering from eating disorders, having low self esteem and battling depression. And that hasn’t made her look weak at all, to me she is the living proof that you can have it all and yet feel uncomfortable with yourself – a far cry truth from all those “i am perfect with a perfect life” stories that celebs feed us these days.

Princess Victoria defeated her demons, married a handsome and loving man and has a beautiful baby daughter. She grew spiritually and emotionally and she proves we can all tackle our problems and get that lovely life we all deserve. For one who really hated how she looked like (exact quote: I really hated how I looked like, how I was) she is today a true fashion icon and a model for women of all shapes and sizes. Victoria of Sweden is indeed a princess of our world!


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