Best ideas for a perfect DIY wedding

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Your wedding day should be as special as yourself, so I see no reason why not take all those wonderful ideas you have and transform them into reality. You just need a bit of help from The Range and you are almost set.

They have a new selection of Wedding decorations that will sure top all your expectations. First talk to the people that take care of your venue and request all the details – length, width, final table setting. Make sure you note your color scheme before going shopping for wedding decorations – you will find so many interesting things and you might loose the main idea.

Do your shopping online, first choose the pictures, make a mix and see how well they work together. You will find that it is less stressful to make your decisions when you are relaxed at home. Take in consideration suggestions from your vendor, sometimes their display of wedding supplies may be a good idea that you could include into your own.

For table decorum don’t forget that smaller centerpieces are usually better than high ones, that’s because you want your guests to interact and talk to each other and that can be a bit difficult when you have a tall wall of flowers between you.

Don’t forget to be yourself and get things that characterizes you and your partner, be it flowers that have meaning to you, candles with a special fragrance or pearls. You choose as it’s your wedding. Don’t forget to let us know what you got!

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