• 2010_collection

    Violise Lunns 2010 Bridal Collection


    Evening wear, dresses, accessories, bridal wear and unique pieces of daily wear line the studio walls, as does a fantastic collection of stunning fabrics, brought home from Violise Lunns many travels around the world. The fabrics and the stories behind them are her main source of inspiration. Violise Lunn does not focus on trends, but on refining and emphasising the uniqueness in every textile used, in every piece of clothing made, and in every woman who bears the clothes. The personal touch and a very high level of sophistication is her trademark.


    Alongside creating these wearable items, Violise Lunn’s other passion is making unwearable items from the simplest textile of all: paper. Finding perfect freedom in this material through sculpting figure silhouettes, angels and her favourite theme: shoes, she allows herself to play with otherwise impossible compositions. Sheer lightness and utter fragility combined with experimental reflection about what these objects represent, amounts to such almost untouchable objects, that they have instantly become collectors items.