• 2010_collection

    Ambra Sposa 2010 Bridal Collection


    The philosophy, mission and principles of Delsa (Ambra Sposa design) are the product of study and reflection on the past, present and future. Their philosophy is to create a perfect synergy between the search for perfection, craftsmanship of the product and industrialization. Their mission is to create, produce and distribute quality content.


    The principles of Delsa: interdependence and diversity, aesthetics, quality and innovation, support of actions, decisions and opinions. They value the diversity and interdependence as the foundation for a style and a powerful image. Their are involved in the aestetics, pursuing quality and innovation in everything  they do.

  • 2010_collection

    Watters Bridal 2010 Collection


    What started with a few handmade special occasion dresses for friends and family in California caught on in a big way. And by the late ’80s Watters was a household word in the bridal industry.


    After 20 years, Vatana Watters continues to be at the heart of the company and is passionately involved in setting the design tone. Her inspirations emanate from her heritage, experience on both coasts and desire to reflect the spirit of the times. Vatana recognizes that design is where it starts, but not where it ends. The other hats she wears help the company to continue to be appreciated for being a cut above for quality and responsiveness.

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    Jorge Terra 2010 Bridal Collection

    Spring Spiral is the exclusive collection of dresses available in 2010, it has many flower, you could see them in the skirts, necklines, capes or cloaks. Even in the hair, because Jorge Terra dreams with a bride dressed with a bouquet. “Spring Spiral”, with those flowers, is the most romantic wedding dress creations.

    The colors of Jorge Terra desings are warm and powerfull, with reds, magentas, and yellows. Those colors gives to the bride a different look. At Brazil, there is a tradition that says the red color gives to the bride good luck for the new life, so Jorge Terra begins his fashion show with a red dress.