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    Behind the Dress – Issue 04: Love, Vera‏

    Vera weaves a sense of magic into her collection with embellishments and adornments. This week’s featured wedding dress, Fairy Dust, is light, flirty and whimsical. Vera offers her insights on the design inspiration behind Fairy Dust.


    This collection, as a whole, was inspired by the idea of fairy tale princesses. This wedding dress, in particular, captures the nymph-like innocence that threads through the collection. The words I chose to describe Fairy Dust were carefully chosen: incandescent and magical. In design, I envisioned this as a wedding dress that casts a spell and transports you to another world.

    The cascading silk organdy pleats of this wedding dress swirl, like dust, when the bride walks. I love this movement, which I find to be uplifting.

    Lightness is enhanced by the leafy tiaras, and by the twinkles and sparkles of the dangling, jewelry-like ornamentation. These embellishments are a distinctive mark of this collection, and reinforce the importance of the overall styling of your wedding dress.

    Keep in mind, if choosing a bridal headpiece, determine your hairstyle and veil before doing so. These elements of style are interrelated and will detract from the bride’s overall look if not harmonious.


    A bridal headpiece is a powerful decorative element. Whether worn casually or as a formal ornament, a tiara is always magical. Tiaras have an implied grandeur and therefore are not appropriate for all weddings. Flowers, bows, barettes, combs and pins are alternatives that can be incorporated with subtly into the hairstyle to provide an additional touch of elegance. A floral wreath can be a perfect complement to the bridal bouquet or a floral detail on the wedding dress.


    On occasion, a wedding look will be determined by a statement piece of jewelry. Most often, however, the wedding dress is the focal point and accompanying jewelry should be chosen with discretion. As a general rule: the more ornate the design of the wedding dress, the less ornate the jewelry should be. Choose necklaces based on the neckline of the wedding dress. Do not mix jewelry styles or metal colors. Finally, an unusual piece of jewelry is an ideal way to add a personal statement to your chosen wedding dress.

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